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    Free Shoutcast Control Panel

    We have released our first beta of SHOUTcontrol. The new entirely free shoutcast control panel. We would like hosts to test it out on there servers, and let us know how it goes.

    Edit CP Admins
    The possibility to monitor multiple servers
    Edit the vital parts of sc_serv via the CP
    - Port Number -
    - Relays -
    - Passwords -
    - Intro file -
    - Backup file -
    - Max listeners -
    - Server name -

    Andy many more, all through a user friendly CP
    Remember that this is our first ever release, so we cannot guarantee stability etc, and you use at your own risk

    For downloads and more info, aswell as the chance to get involved in the project visit

    Register to the site to recieve updates on project progress etc.
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    I'm interested in tetsing this and providing feedback etc, but before installing it I'd like to see a demo of it. Is this possible?


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    any screenshots?
    Kind regards

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    Won't work... first of all in the beta zip file you're missing the following files:

    I got sc_serv.conf from the first beta on your site, that worked, and I made a blank file config.php and it wrote to it and it worked fine.

    But when I install it (after many errors) the server wont work I always get:

    was successfully started.
    Table 'fans_live.servers' doesn't exist

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    Also, your forums don't work!

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    Our new website is now online @ with forums, blog etc. And the latest working version. Sorry to those who had errors, however it is a trial and error process. We now have a demo online, and we are currently coding "Plus" which is a module to allow easy installation of hacks, you simply put the hack in the plus modules folder.

    Find out more on phpsc - the free shoutcast cp @

    We are looking for developers, register to forum and post if interested thanks.
    Reliable - 99.9% Uptime - Hosted at theplanet - Cpanel
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    your site dosnt work since 2002
    lauching new services soon at

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