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    Transfer e-mail accounts from cPanel

    My webhost has recently been purchased by another company, who decided to move all accounts to a server in another datacenter.

    So far - so good...

    They copyed my cPanel account to the new server, but none of the e-mailaccounts were working properly.

    All e-mail data seems to be transferred, just the accounts with login-info etc. is not created in cPanel.

    Of course I requested to have this fixed, but the only reply I got were:

    "Somtime email account is not properly transfer you have to create that particular account which is not properly transfer thorugh cpanel."

    Well, it is not one particular account which is the problem, it is 40+ accounts, and I do not have the password to more than a few of them, so I wondered if there was any way I could download the e-mailconfiguration from old cPanel server and load it into the new server, or am I forced to create all accounts from schratch?

    Thank you, and have a nice weekend all of your guys

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    You need to contact the webhost again for a fix to this issue, because you cant do anything without root access. May be recreating the account will fix the problem.

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    You can download the email from backup and restore to the new server.

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    #2, I have tried, but they just keep replying that "your account is transferred properly", eventhough it aint..
    (For the record, if I have to restore myself, I'm not going to stay with that provider, but still would be good with a solution..)

    #3, Yes I know mail is stored in the "mail" directory, but it is the settings themselves I need, where do I find them?

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    email account passwords are stored within /home/username/etc/domain.tld/passwd

    hope this helps, good luck.

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    Thank you very much, I'm gonna give that a try..

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    Actually if someone copy an cpanel accounts from one server to another server without root pass, then with the general username, it cant read the exim configuration, as a result the mails , addon domains, subdomains (for not reading httpd.conf) dont get in the new account. It only can copy the homedirectory and mysql databases.

    And about email password:
    email account passwords are stored within /home/username/etc/domain.tld/passwd
    This only happens when the webhost figure this to store the passwords inside the passwd. But most of the time webhosts dont include it or make it encrypted.

    But surely you can give a try But i really doubt, if there are any perfect way to copy and restore them without root access throughout the configuration files.

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