November 11, 2006 -- a leading web hosting support and online services provider, launched its new plan for account transfer/migrations, targeted at the increasing need for seamless server migrations.

"ThinkSupport Solutions is a rapidly growing company that represents our efforts to constantly develop and support innovative solutions. With Account Transfer Plan, web hosting company buyers can sit back and relax while we do the dirty server transfers for them." says Sameer Kulkarni, VP of Operations at ThinkSupport.

He further adds " The task may seem straightforward: simply download the files by FTP to your local system, and then upload them again to the new server but we at ThinkSupport understand how important a single email/file could be for the client -- keeping this in mind we have assigned a special team dedicated to account transfers. ThinkSupport is also leveraging new, easy online scripts for account transfers."

To enhance this plan, we would be covering all major billing systems and migrating client accounts/billing data. The grid-based solution will provide web hosting customers/companies with new level of services.

ThinkSupport would continue providing a series of services to broaden its growth.