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    phpbb theme modification need

    I am looking for some one to do the following :

    I have old custom theme, which was made from 2.0.12 subsilver theme for phpbb, we have upgraded our forum, we need someone to make our old custom modified theme compatible with new subsilver theme (2.0.21)

    - We have all the graphics and css files
    - The old theme was modified from the subsilver theme making around 500lines of html
    - we do have the diff of changes so you can just apply to the new theme and make compatible new theme

    hope that helps, if you can do it please feel free to contact me at

    aim : xerophytev
    msn : [email protected]

    if you know what you are doing, this job should not take more than 1 hour

    thanks in advance

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    You do not seem to be online at the moment, but I am interested in this job. Please feel free to contact me at: XeHSeanXeH - Hosting websites since 1999!
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