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    Looking for Exchange & Web host


    We currently have 5 domains hosted with MediaTemple (GS) and 2 email addresses from one of the 5 domains with exchange accounts with 4smartphones. Since the switch from SS to GS, we have not been too happy with MT and would like to switch to a different host.

    I'm looking at consolidating the webhost and the exchange host into one company. Is there a company that can host my main domain (the one with the exchange accounts) and also 4 extra add-on's (with email addresses, but not exchange). The email addresses with the exchange accounts are currently being forwarded to (and not hosted by) 4smartphones.


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    What is your budget? Bandwidth? and diskspace?
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    budget under $50/month
    bandwith 20-50 gbs
    diskspace 5 gbs

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    Quote Originally Posted by techiegirl
    budget under $50/month
    bandwith 20-50 gbs
    diskspace 5 gbs

    Hello Techiegirl, and welcome to WHT! You should have no problem finding a reliable webhost for your budget, just make sure to go with a mid-range company, and do your research. Try to search wht and

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