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    Arrow cPanel Login Form

    More than likely this has been posted here before, but couldn't find any links in the first couple pages of using the search tool. Anyways, I'm looking to setup a working cPanel login form, and was wondering if anyone had a resource where to get the coding from to insert in. I've tried a few I found in google but ended up not working at all. If you can post the code directly here or link me to another thread with the code in it, I'd greatly appreciate it!

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    here's something for ya:

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    If you're using PHP,

    You can make a form in HTML, and have it go to something like "script.php?process=go"

    In script.php,
    PHP Code:
    if ($_GET['process'] == 'go')
    header ('Location: http://'.$_POST['username'].':'.$_POST['password'].[email protected]:2082');

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