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    Just another Recommendation Request

    Hi everyone, been a lurker here in these forums for about a week, its great to see some quality discussion on hosting.

    So i'll let people do me the huge favor of helping me out, if any of you don't mind. Here's what I plan to do:

    Host multiple sites. One of the sites is "kinda big" and will be getting a lot bigger. I wouldn't hit a 2000GB bandwidth threshold for a few months, but after that i definitely would (so i am scared to hop around and would like to find something I can stick with long term).

    I want what every generic poster wants. Fast, good reliability, good throughput for all hours, and cheap.

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    By Cheap...what kind of price range are you looking for?
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    Thanks for the reply ... here are some more specifics:

    Looking for Windows 2003 Web Standard
    cPanel would be cool (not 100% necessary)
    1GB Memory minimum
    160GB hard drive

    Bandwidth is the tricky thing ... my sites are all small but one is growing rapidly. I could definitely fit within a 1500GB cushion for the first 4 months, but after that ... not sure. I want a nice quick site, I see a lot of unmetered 10mbit or metered 100mbit, but as a n00b I'm trying to learn what would be best for my needs.

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    Windows 2003 standard = you are looking for a windows server

    while, SSH, CPanel etc = you are looking for a linux/unix/freebsd server.

    So there is some conflict in what you want. Can you clear that a bit please.
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