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  1. #1 screwed me up.

    First of all beware of Serverselect and Eric Ellenbrook, owner of that cheat company

    I never had an idea how a hosting site could be so irresponsible in United states. I hosted their site reviews review in different forums and they claimed they have own managed server with fault tolerance.

    In march 06, I bought a reseller account for a year and hosted a number of customer site in the site. There were huge live data there. For example one of the hostings was They are an ecommerce site.

    In oct 30, 2006 went down. Apparently, was hacked by. Well, I contacted ERIC over email to let me know when it would be up again. I did not get any answer. My clients were impatient. I called them on +313.719.8120. Surprisingly someone received and told that that is a personal phone and he had no idea about That guy also told he bought that phone no. Does it mean deliberated did it? Here are some information about contact address of for further help

    Server Select
    Eric Ellenbrook ([email protected])
    Fax: +313.7198120
    4859 Rosalie
    Dearborn, Mi 48228

    No contact, no phone of anyone in serverselect. Can anyone advice me what should I do now?

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    If you cannot get a hold of anyone at, try what appears to be their parent/reseller Their "whois" info lists their nameservers as ns01/ They 'might" be able to shed some light on what happened to serverselect, but remember they might just be selling an account to and are probably not responsible for what has happened.

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    Have you done full backup of all your data somewhere?

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    No. I dont have. I had back up of 2 sites which are 2/3 months older. I never faced such trouble in long time hosting experience.

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    Sorry to hear about this issue! If you do get in touch with them, it is possible, but unlikely, that they will have a backup of your website. In any event, it may be time for you to find a new host.. - Hosting websites since 1999!
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