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    Huge Server loads whats causing it what file??

    My server load currently is 50 40 etc... I'm only running a site 200user online

    no control panels are installed

    can anyone tell me any sshcommands that I can use to figure out whats causing the loads?

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    You should then see who or what is overloading your server.

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    Do "ps aux" and see what stuffs are running in your server. Check for the processes that are taking up the max CPU and memory.

    If you need us to have a look at those paste the output here so we can help you.

    Also you need to do some tweaks in your server have a look at -


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    top command only shows what program is doing it in my case its apache and mysql, ps aux also similar I want to find out exactly what file is causing such overload

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    Paste the output of ps aux here - so we can have a look at the processes running for reference.

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    I'm very new to server administration (and this is my first post here), so please forgive me if I get something wrong...

    I'd suggest to:
    1) Enable PHP suexec. This way, all the PHP processes will be shown in the output of ps aux, along with the username that's running it. I'm not sure how you do this manually, as I've always done it with the /scripts/easyapache script that comes with cPanel
    2) Enable the Apache server-status page. In httpd.conf (Apache 1) or apache2.conf (Apache 2), there's a section similar to this:
    # <Location /server-status>
    # SetHandler server-status
    # Order deny,allow
    # Deny from all
    # Allow from
    # </Location>
    Uncomment the code, and change the '' to your IP address. Then, go to (obviously, with the correct URL). This will show a page with all the current Apache requests. A virtual host with heaps of requests is probably what's causing the load.

    Hope this helps,

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