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    Exclamation B2B host business for sale has been in business for 3 weeks and holds 10 resale accounts at $35 ea. on one server and
    1 leased dedicated server at $185
    you can add regular hosting if you like but i did not want to play with the $2-$10 accounts.
    the domain and 2 servers along with all accounts a forum and live support chat are included with the sale, it is a good domain that has not yet been promoted and is still seing regular growth.
    I recently had some luck with real estate so i can not devote the time to this business that i would need to.
    if you can pay attention to the support issues this business will thrive as that seems to be the key to a successful hosting co.
    If you are interested in purchasing serverplex, post your offers or email me,
    see the site here

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    who is your server provider?
    PierreB - Montreal

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    Arrow serverplex

    dv2 is the server provider for

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    email sent


    I sent you an email via the WHT interface. Please get back to me as soon as you can with the various answers to my questions. I look forward to your reply.
    Nathan M.
    A decade of professional hosting !

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    reply sent

    I have gotten a lot of responses, i will answer them all
    and decide what offer seems the best on June 21, 5pm est.
    thank you
    louis .:.

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