For a small and somehow experimental project I'm going to get an unmanaged cheap windows server.
I have no problems with IIS, but two other things bugs me a lot DNS and Email.

For DNSes I went with everydns and eventhough I had no clue about what I was doing, I could get it working. I bet should be more serious/reliable paying services, but I just could find easydns, but their ecommerce shopping cart is so lame, I can't find how much would it cost for >25 domains. If there are other place like this, please recommend.

For email, not sure. I find too much information relating to email, but I can't see someone offering 3rd party email management. Not sure if this even exists.

And finally, I'm not even sure if I should just setup the Microsoft DNS and Email services included in Windows 2003 and live with it.
Any advise is very welcome!