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    Help, I need a dedicated for an overmoded PhpBB Forum


    I have tried about 50 shared web hostings and 10 VPS, all are not enough solid to host my heavy PhpBB Forum, I have a lot of mods, about 4000 members, 70 000 posts, 11000 pages viewed per day... = a lot of SQL requests

    I seek a dedicated with a price around 100-150$ per month (or less ?), without a SQL limit (as for shared and VPS), and with fast navigation.

    I have tried - Basic (best deal), it works but it is a little too expensive for me (174$ per month).

    An idea ?

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    Where are your members mainly from?
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    From France, Belgium, Switzerland, Deutshland and Canada,

    But I would prefer a web hosting located in USA or other (not in France)

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    For that price you should be able to get a decent P4 2.8Ghz+ machine with a control panel and some basic managment. towards the upper end of the spectrum. Have a look at and see if they have something that would work
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    Quote Originally Posted by vigor
    Checkout, they could easily meet that price point. Highly recommended
    Agreed. Their management is excellent and you could get what you need for $150 exactly (Athlon64 3500+). I would take the Athlon 64 over their Sempron as not only does the Athlon 64 outperform the Sempron by a large amount it has 1GB of RAM .


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