I've been in this website business for 9 years now and never feel the urged to write something about good hosting not till today. I can name all hosting companies that I've been with, but here are same that I can still remember ST, SplitInf, dialtone, rackspace, ev1 and many more.

And right now after 2 months exhausted searching for a new decent server, I found server4sale to be one that's giving me kind of best price with good specs. So PO was sent and I got my server in 3 days.

My experience with s4s
This is something unusual, I did order the wrong OS version and with different kernel, mysql, php version which is not the way how it was supposed to be...

At first I wasn't realized till the script installed and every thing went from smooth to rough. It was 2 days without sleeping and the tech support was there helping me patiently on resolving the issues.

Nonetheless the out come was okay but still incompatibilities issues remained. And there is no way that I can go on with this old OS version. Suffice to say I went for live support and spoke with Farukh asking for OS reload...

The thing that surprised me, was Farukh gave me the OS reload for free, I mean I never understand after so much time they've put on my server trying to fulfill my stupid request then suddenly the OS reload was thrown for free which wasn't meant to be.

Well lastly, I hope their service remain the same and always making the customer happy

I just want to thank you and all the team @ s4s for you great support.
Especially to Farukh (Thanx bro)