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    Netfirms vs Dotster vs DomainsAreFree

    Hi guys,

    Just wanted a quick guide regarding this 3 registar.

    Which one is most reliable, well yeah, I have quiet limited budget for domains and if possible I wanted to buy in bulk like 2-5 domains. I've found good coupons for Dotster which after that I need to pay like 1 dollars.

    BTW, I've also been with and still have domain with them until 2008. I've found them very good but the price offered is too high for me.

    Need your help in advice for these registar.


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    None of them are any good. Stick with Namecheap with their coupons.
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    thanks for your reply, BTW, just tested with dotster and have paid them, the cp is good but seem bit slow here in Asia.

    Unfortunately, they dont offer any free-whois service and domain lock, need to pay 10usd for this feature.

    thats my review with dotster. anything else is good, at pat page is quite good and not having problem so far.

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    domainlock is FREE at Dotster!

    I thought the same the first time, the system automatically selects "Namesafe" (don't know what that is), you have to select "Transferlock" in the dropdown menu, that is free!

    dotsters page is slow anyhow, their domainmanagement system is sometimes a bit overloaded in my oppinion. Although their support is ok. Domainprivacy is around 2$/y. as far as I know. I bought a 1$ domain from them a few weeks ago and added privacy for i think 2$ ....

    anyhow I won't really recommend dotster, without asking their support to drop down prices to the same as godaddy's they are too expensive...

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    owh, at last, I got it locked!

    thnx atmike for lighting me up!

    yeah, I also got it for 1usd. slow speed is the main prob for me.

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    So what are you paying at Dotster?
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    1 usd for first year using coupon corvette.

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    Quote Originally Posted by freewebspace
    I go with netfirms
    yeah, the price offered by them pretty nice thought. I might buy with them too. for my experiecence.

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