Hi everyone,

As you can see I'm quite new to the webhostingtalk.com forum posting - seems like a fantastic place to share and learn!

I've got a bit of an issue in cpanel I was hoping someone might be able to help me out with.

The problem comes up when I transfer somebody's web hosting account from another server to mine.

I set up the account, move the domain across, point the nameservers to my private nameservers, however the MX record remains pointed towards the old server.

I can't get email on the server, as all email is still routed towards the old server.

When I go to 'edit mx entry' the entry correctly shows that of the domain.

This is wierd, because I've transferred four web hosting accounts recently, and this problem happens every time.

I recently moved server from a free BSD operating system to a linux operating system - it was working fine under free BSD - maybe that's got something to do with it.

I've asked my tech support team but communication is quite difficult and they don't know.

I'd like to know:

a) what can I do to resolve this issue myself
b) the way I see it, this is a problem either caused by the server or the way cpanel is set up. I'd like this issue to be resolved, so what should I tell my tech team to do to fix this?

I'd be exceptionally greatful for any help. This problem is a major hinderance for me.

Many thanks,