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    After being sticked to Shared hosting for 2 years I finally decided to go for a Managed dedicated server, for this i did a search on few forums, and came accross Managemyservice's Special at WHT.
    price was really impressive for the fully managed server(i confirmed for the full management via email as well). I got my server in about 18 hours, which was quite impressive as well. So i expected better support too.
    When i started moving my websites to the new server, i had no problem in moving sites with the data of less than 1GB, but my main website, which is about 10GB, i was simply unable to transfer it. So i contacted managememyservice and asked them if they could do it for me, they refused by saying that the file is too large!
    I contacted my old host and asked them to split it in files of 1GB each, which they did. Then again i opened a support tickect at amangemyservice, which was remained unanswered (for 2 days?).. so far i wasnt happy with thier support.
    After 20 days I had a 12 hours downtime, the next they my server was again down , and upon asking the reason they replied "back up, the drive had to fsck before it would come back online.", it was quite technical and difficult to understand for a person who has never been into servers.
    I asked them to change my SSH port, again they refused.
    Finally i asked one of my friends who is running a webhosting company, to look into my server, according to him the server was not configured properly in many ways, and look like the person who set it up had no idea what he was doing...
    If I conclude, i would rate them like this:
    Price: 10/10
    Support: 1/10
    Reliability: 1/10

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    I am sorry your friend did not think your server was configured properly, if you want to PM me specifics I would be happy to look into it further, but I can assure you, all servers get installed from the same images and then configured using our own automated systems so our hundreds of servers are all pretty standard.

    In regards to the main issue the user isn't happy about, time after time we stated that we do not include backups/restores and server moves as part of our management plan. My staff often go beyond my expectations and handle transfers free of charge and this is what they attempted in this situated but when one domain is over 10GBs in size this is no longer a simple process and it starts to take hours of techs time. Note that we did not charge extra for any of this. Since we were going way out of support bounds, this issue got delayed since other covered support issues were given priority.

    Regarding the FSCK issue, I will speak to my staff and get them to explain to users what a File System Check is when this occurs, occasionally we forget that our users may not understand the technical jargon we are used to!

    The SSH port issue is something we need to address internally since it is policy for us not to do this as standard on systems since if every customer has a different SSH port it makes it a management nightmare, but we have recently released a new notes feature in our Control Center so users can note the SSH port for us so we may be able to complete this for users in future. I do believe even if we don't do it for users, my techs occasionally give instrcutions so users can do it themselves...

    Thank you fo considering ManageMyServices!
    ManageMyServices was sold by me in September 2009. I no longer have any affiliation with this company.

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