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    Cleaning Computer

    Hey guys. I need some assistance on cleaning computers. No, not the files, but the real thing itself that is like half packed with dust.

    I heard that you need some airspray, erasers, and some other stuff.

    Anyone care to share their tools and some tips?

    Recently, my harddrive as sometimes not been loading at the boot and I found out that when I open the PC case up and try replugging the HDD part again, it works. So I'm guessing that my PC is too dusty, which is why this may be happening.

    All help will be appreciated!

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    A can of compressed air will do it, just spray that everywhere and take the fan(s) off and spray them and the heat sinks and you should be good.
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    How often should it be done?

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    as often as needed, depending on how dusty your place is

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    I'd also get a couple rags out that are somewhat damp and go over where the dust is - helps to stop it from accumulating so quickly. Just make sure not to touch it to anything important

    I should probably do that today.

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    I use a hairdryer - set to cold - take the pc outside open it up and blast away - do this about every 9 - 12 months

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    i use a can of compressed air, and a vaccum cleaner to suck up all the dust im blowing out so it just dosent resettle somewhere else in the comp
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    IF your collecting dust it means its time to get rid of that machine and buy a new one.
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    Thanks for all your comments guys! The hair dryer actually worked great.

    clanosiris, unlike some people, I actually clean my computer like the other people on here, instead of buying a new one everything a dust lands on my PC.

    Thanks once again!

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    Quote Originally Posted by HC-Josh
    A can of compressed air will do it, just spray that everywhere and take the fan(s) off and spray them and the heat sinks and you should be good.
    Be careful with this tho as if you tilt the can far enough on its side liquid will come out and we all know that is bad for a computer.
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    i just use a fine brissle paint brush, and brush dust out, works well
    vaccum cleaners may destroy your comp too some vaccums have magnetic force thats why

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