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    Plesk looks nice, but is it?

    Plesk looks awesome from a prospective standpoint, but then again cpanel looks awesome until you use it for a while and realize how much of a PITA it is - not to mention its never ending cost. What complaints do those that use plesk have about it? It is unstable, does it make the server crawl, whats its flaws? Or is it as good as it looks: clean, stable and relatively snappy? I would love some feedback please.

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    Good question. Last time I used Plesk was 2years ago. It was light and fast but somehow I didnt like the way you have to navigate. It was somehow uncomfortable.

    The newer versions (8 I believe) are probably much easier to use by now.

    I settled for another Control panel which I believed reflects more how I would like to navigate tasks.
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    I was wondering the same thing a couple of days after v8 was released. I bought a VPS and had Plesk installed on it (being used to cPanel) and my advice would be if you're used to cPanel - stick with it - cPanel is MUCH easier for an administrator, though Plesk is probably a little easier for clients.

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    If you have clients on cPanel and are tempted to migrate to Plesk, avoid doing so as Plesk uses a different structure of the absolute path to the sites and after migrating a cpbackup to Plesk 8.0.1 the client's account has been installed under /var/www/vhosts/ while /home contained only a subdir called /ftp

    Not to mention the fact that large accounts fail to migrate.
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