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    Question Web Stats inconsistencies between applications

    I am using webalizer for web stats. The VP came to me and indicated that she thought that the stats were wrong. She said that the visits to our web site were down by 1/2 from last year. I looked into it and discovered that two different applications were reporting stats differently.

    I used WebTrends Log Analyzer vs Webalizer. While the hits were close, WebTrends had almost double the number of visits that WebAlizer reported.

    How do I determine which package is accurate? I am looking at AWStats at the moment, but I have never heard of any negative about Webalizer.

    One thing that I did read about in Webalizer's documentation is that it eliminates false visits. Could this be the difference between the stats?
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    First off, I consider awstats to be fast and stable. I've run it on a lot of boxes and its never given a problem. It will coexist nicely with other stats programs. It will read incremental changes off the end of a log. It can grab a log, read it, archive it off to a big master file for a backup and siphon off the stats to a little proprietary file. Your web server doesnt need to do any log rotation. And, most of all, its fast enough to do realtime analysis from the stats web page - just click the button.

    As for why stats are different between analyzers, here is a good explanation:

    I realize the above link may be quite biased towards awstats since its from his FAQ, but it does identify the problem areas.


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