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    Thumbs up Starting back up again.

    That is correct I am starting back up again. Sold the last company a while back, and it is time again to start all over again. So far this is what I have up to date.

    Filed for company name for the state I am in.
    Bought set of demos for clients to look at.
    Bought set of domain names from .com, .net, .info, .biz, .us
    Picked a new provider (since last provider looks like it went down hill).
    Picked a domain register to become a domain reseller.
    Leasing out a support system (Kayako).
    Picked out provider to sell SSL Certs.
    Picked out Online Site Builder for clients to use.
    Leasing out billing program (modern bill).
    Web Design
    Business plan with an exit plan.
    Game Plan.
    List of my Personal Plans.
    List of my Business Plans.
    List of my Domain Plans.
    List of my SSL Cert Plans.
    List of my Hosting platform (what I stand by).
    Web Hosting Expiration Notice.
    List of Web Design Tools.
    AUP (done by a local lawyer)
    TOS (done by a local lawyer)
    Privacy Policy (done by a local lawyer)

    I know I have a long ways to go before I am set up again, but by the end of this month I will be ready to go!
    I am back....

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    Good luck! It looks like you've not lost your passion for hosting!

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    You look pretty well covered. Best of luck from the beginning!

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    What drove your decision to get back in? I sold my company in September, and just decided to get back into it fulltime myself (I helped a couple of other companies out in the interim). I chose to come back because I enjoy the industry so much - just curious to hear your reason.
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    Will you eventually sell this new business as well? I mean..are you building it up for the purpose of selling?
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    Reason why I am getting back into the business is I love everything about web hosting. I love helping customers, and I love making customers happy by getting the web site up. Sure it can be a lot of stress, but at the same time I wake up every morning thinking how much fun it is. Yes it can be very long hours (18+ at times), but it is worth it to me.

    No I will not be selling this business any time soon.
    I am back....

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    Good luck

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    That list you made should seriously be made sticky for new hosts, I wish I had covered that list right away, but instead it took years to do it. I've been at it since 1995 so I can put my $.02 that it is a pretty comprehensive list.

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    good luck on the new company
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    If somebody want to make it a sticky, then perhaps you can also put the estimate prices beside it, so the new people will have a rough accurate estimate... - Never pay more for your logo!

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    Your passion drive you back to hosting industry... You must have miss WHT lots
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