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    Arcade Site For Sell

    Hello, today I am placing an arcade site up for bid. The name of the site is OGRox (Online Gaming ROX). I started the site with intentions of making money off of it, but due to my lack of time I am forced to sell it. The site seems to be doing good for the couple of months it has been open.

    It comes with two domain names, which are as follows:
    Created: 27-Jun-2006
    Expires: 27-Jun-2008
    Created: 04-Jul-2006
    Expires: 04-Jul-2007

    As you can see each domain has a good amount of time left on them. The domain registar is my company, Mach 5 Host. Might I note that if you would like the domain's transferred to a different registar, you will have to pay the transfer fee which is $8.95 per domain.

    The site has Google Adsense, Bidvertiser & Mamma ads placed on them. However the Adsense ads seem to be generating the most revenue so far. I have included screen shots of the Unique Hits the site has received since being open and the revenue generated from the Adsense and Bidvertisier ads (the Mamma ads haven't generated any revenue yet).

    The site is ran off of an arcade script known as: GameSiteScript ( -Go there for a preview of the script) .

    The site has 1,343 games (all of most have thumbnails, it seems a couple are missing however) which were bought separate . The winner will get all the files including the PSD for the logo and the SQL file.

    Some of the ads were placed by editing the code myself (as opposed to the default ad placement the script came with), so I am more than happy to help anyone place thier ads where they want them and get everything exported to there own host and setup etc.

    Whomever the winner is, I will supply free hosting for a month to allow time to get everything moved and setup etc. The site is currently hosted with my company, Mach 5 Host and is hosted on the M5 Ultra plan.

    I will starting the biding at $50 and the BIN at $250. To bid, just post the amount you bid. If you would like to "By It Now" post BIN. The auction will end Wednesday (11-15-06) unless of course someone has placed the BIN before then. I would like to mention that I will also be trying to sell this site on other forums (with the same prices etc) in hopes of a quick sell. I will keep everyone informed of bids etc.

    Payment method will be by PayPal.


    Monthly Unique Hits (since sites been open)-

    Adsense Revenue (all time)-

    Bidvertiser Revenue (last month, only month made revenue)-
    Last edited by sirius; 11-10-2006 at 03:41 PM. Reason: edited BIN price from $200 to $250 per ticket GWR-78231

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    does this site use a lot of system resourses? I am interested and I have a dedicated server, just down want to overload it.

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    Thanks for changing the price sirius. Another thing I should mention is that I will only accept minimum bid increments of $2.00.

    Prince, as far as cpu, mysql usage, etc it doesn't use much at all. You wouldn't have to worry about it ever overloading. It is coded efficiently.

    Here are the current disk space, mysql disk space and bandwidth usage this month:
    Disk Space Usage: 635.29 Megabytes
    MySQL Disk Space: 0.73 Megabytes
    Bandwidth (this month): 580.24 Megabytes

    However the bandwidth is a lot higher this month due to the fact I had to download a copy of all of the games and thumbnails etc to package into a zip so it is ready for the buyer.

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    which script is it licensed for:

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    I bid $100

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    I would like to place a bid at $150.00. Thank you

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    I bid $160

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    please remove my bid, I am no longer interested, thanks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mach5Host
    Prince, please read the forum rules regarding bidding:

    If you didn't intend to go through with your bid, you shouldn't have bid.
    that's cool, I am in then.

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