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Thread: VPS advice

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    Question VPS advice

    First let me state I am every hosts dream client! I typically ask a lot of pre-sales questions and then you don't hear from me unless something is broken. I don't need any hand holding. I do need however a host that is at least able to offer 99% uptime ( I don't care about guarantees or money back, blah blah... I care about uptime... historical uptime). I am needing to host a handfull of personal/friend sites of which 2 will be more e-mail traffic than web. The main site of the plan will be running osCommerce and will be (hopefully) fairly busy. There will be no irc, gaming servers, p2p, etc. going on.. maybe a _small_ amount of live chat. Two of the sites will have a moderately used CMS loaded (drupal & Joomla). Again, mainly this is for an ecommerce site and development.

    Now onto more important aspects:

    SSH access
    mySQL/php/perl/etc. etc. to run those scripts mentioned above
    No setup fee
    No contracts
    Linux guest (CentOS, debian, SuSE)
    256MB Ram
    disk 5GB MIN
    bandwidth 50GB MIN
    Server in USA
    Redundant Network connection
    < $25/mth

    Managed (I do systems administration all day)
    Opterons to Athlon
    XEN to virtuozzo
    Control Panel
    Active User forum at host
    online KB
    8hr support response (1 hour emergency response)

    I have looked at TekTonic, leeware, and admittedly even some shared hosting providers like hostgator. Please post your suggestions and comments! Thanks.

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    This doesn't fit all your criteria perfectly but it's worth considering.

    I would recommend's VPS Mca which offers 128MB/7GB/200GB/DirectAdmin/Virtuozzo for $26/mo

    Only $20/mo if you select Webmin as your control panel.
    What's your budget?

    Seriously, what's your budget?

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    I would recommend tektonic I have been hosted with them for over a year now and apart from some downtime that has been out of there control they have supplied an excellent service and have been very helpful if I have any issues.

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    Quote Originally Posted by at2000
    If your prepared to setup PHP/Perl/MySQL/Apache etc yourself, then SliceHost come reccommended.

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