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    How many users does it take to crash a box?

    What's been your experience with how many users a server can handle before it starts to load down and time out?

    We have a situation where a social networking site powered by phpFox is loading down a Dual Xeon 2.4 with 1 GB memory when it only has 90 or 100 simultaneous users. The box is running RHEL 4, MySQL 4.x. When it happens it shows MySQL using 15-25% cpu and users begin to time out when trying to access features on the site.

    Any suggestions would be appreciated.
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    I would suggest placing the MySQL service on another separate box, because that is most likely what is slowing down the performance.
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    Two things that I'd suggest;

    1) More memory - MySQL loves memory. The more you have, the faster it can execute the processes and deliver the results to customers.

    2) Run a slow query log so that you can see what queries may be taking too long, and you can possibly optimize the code for those queries.

    Log Slow MySQL Queries
    touch /var/log/z_mysql_slow.log
    chown mysql.root /var/log/z_mysql_slow.log
    nano /etc/my.cnf
    Edit the [mysqld} section to say the following
    long_query_time = 15

    service mysql restart

    I name the file "z_mysql_slow.log" as when I go to /var/log it will be one of the last files on the list - handy for me to check sizes etc
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