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    Question Off site backup service


    I am currently working on a pricing structure for our secure backup service which we are developing.

    I am gearing most of the advertising towards web hosts. I know that most people on WHT are getting their backup service from 1 of these 3 companies, gnax, bq, and fortress. The lowest rate at which they offer service is $0.50 per GB.

    I have 2 questions.

    1. What is the price that you would see as a good deal per GB?
    2. What would cause you to switch your current backup provider to us?

    Please don't flame the questions. I am developing this service mainly around what WHT members are looking for.

    David Guerra
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    I think its better to focus on a niche rather then just price-per-gb pricing. I'd gladly make a larger commitment for a large space (100gb+) if it meant a savings over the "norm" pricing.

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    There honestly isn't much you can do to make online backups for webhosts very exciting. What you can do, however, is provide a phenomenal service that attracts clients through client referrals.

    Our service is throwing in a wow factor that goes against the norm. But, I am trying to finalize pricing. I believe that everyone here at WHT will be happy with it, but I want more opinions on the matter.

    Thanks for the comment Taylor.
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    The biggest thing is having the speed to do fast restores. BQbackup seemed too slow (5-10 Mbps, I needed 20-40) but their service was GREAT.

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    when sometimes we had major failures what seems to be faster and efficient in terms of restabilishing the services was

    1) doing an osreload of the basic system (linux or windows2003)

    2) reinstalling services and preparing a basic security for receiving control panel friendly backups

    (cpanel, plesk, and other has it owns backups that you can perform to another server and then restore into a fresh system, helm and other that doesnt have this backups has restore tools based on sql control panels database and other tools such as microsoft iis migration tool, backup all dns zones or cname files, etc

    this way after the os reload sites and services start to be restored as fast as you can

    mirror backups doesnt seems reliable sometimes if they fails there is no other way....

    having both of then would be great

    transfering through rsync seems to be more secure that plan ftp


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