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    [For Sale] - weightloss design - 200+ adsense pages - only $29

    Do you have a weightloss/ diet domain that receives traffic? I am offering a 200+ page design to assist you in earning more revenue. The current articles are not unique, but comes with an article template, so the site can be expanded with some basic HTML knowledge. The design even comes with the .psd files, so the header can be edited...

    More than one copy is available at this discount price.
    Please submit questions/comments via PM.

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    Is this automated? in other words... does it pull the articles from somewhere wihtout admin intervention?

    Host, YES!
    Reselling? Partner for profit instead!

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    The only automated section is the "In the News" section.
    The remaining pages are static, but use SSI's to pull the header/footer together.
    Each article is a seperate .shtml file...

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