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    * New WHT-oriented Plans (Ironically, For A Limited Time Only)

    Starting today, we're going to be offering a discount for WHT users in conjunction with out shared hosting plans. Choose an annual payment plan and we'll give you 2 free months of service each year. Please also note that every new client that signs up is guarunteed to be one of the highest-end servers available - on the market. Here are your options:

    XM - 01 [SMALL]
    500 MB Disk Space
    10 GB Bandwidth

    $5.00 / Monthly
    $4.00 / Promo - WHT

    XM - 02 [MEDIUM]

    1200 MB Disk Space
    25 GB Bandwidth

    $10.00 / Monthly
    $9.00 / Promo - WHT

    XM - 03 [LARGE]

    2500 MB Disk Space
    50 GB Bandwidth

    $20.00 / Monthly
    $19.00 / Promo - WHT

    XM - 04 [EXTREME]
    4500 MB Disk Space
    100 GB Bandwidth

    $40.00 / Monthly
    $39.00 / Promo - WHT


    These plans are the same as our normal shared hosting plans and include all the usual options and support. The only difference is the billing (or lack thereof).
    • Bandwidth additions can be given for one calendar month (resetting on the 1st) for the usual $0.50 per GB.
    • Addons such as reselling and dedicated IPs are not offered.
    • The 30 day return policy applies to these accounts, so cancel within the 1st month and you'll get a full refund. After that, no refunding.
    • We can "upgrade" your account to lifetime billing. Just place an order with the same domain you have with us now under your existing billing account. We'll stop billing on the recurring account and use the lifetime account from now out. Previous payments don't go towards your lifetime purchase.
    You're giving us a discount.. because?

    There are several reasons for this. As some of you know, we've started purchasing servers directly and housing them in GNAX here in Dalas. There are a number of advantages to us, but it also puts a lot of up-front financial burden on us. We have to take on the cost of the hardware up-front and slowly pay that back over time. There is actually a balance that can be had whereby the income generated from existing customers can be used to pay for new systems to handle new customers. Essentially, there is a set rate at which we can take on new customers, governed by the size of our existing customer base.

    I hope you enjoy these plans. We'll be offering them as long as we can, but we will need to cut-off at some point. So, act quick and get one today! Also, don't forget: they make a great Thanksgiving or Birthday present. !! Please enter "wht" upon ordering (in the promotions field) and supply your forums username in the notes field. !!
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    GNAX is not in Dallas. Perhaps you made a mistake.
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    I meant Atlanta from our other servers. Our new server is in Dalas. Sorry about that.

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