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    Any advice on how to "donate" web hosting?

    I have a reseller account, but I have never been a reseller. I originally got it for a few domains I have and I also provide hosting a for a few family members and friends.

    I don't want to start selling accounts, but I do want to donate one year of web hosting to a charity auction run at my office. Does anyone have any suggestions as to how I might list it? I'm thinking I might try to limit it to a personal kind of account rather than someone's "business on the side" but I'm still thinking about this.

    I probably should consider things like a TOS (I would have to "borrow" one form somewhere), storage space, bandwidth, email accounts, etc. I would include lots of hand-holding support and probably throw in one year of domain name registration.

    Has anyone here done something like this? Does anyone have any suggestions?



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    What about asking local youth sports teams if they'd like a website? Or, if you're not into sports...speak to charities, schools, etc.. I've found alot of those organizations still lack hosting and/or a proper website

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    I would agree, if you want to donate hosting to different charities I think that would be pretty cool actually. Also you might not want to "borrow" as TOS, this could get you into trouble. Just visit pretty cheap pricing.
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