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    Question Good Ruby on Rails Hosts?

    First, my story...I've recently been exiled by my web host. Well, technically not "exiled"; since they decided to become a dedicated server-only company, they sold my shared account (and I'm assuming numerous other accounts) to another host (whom I've never heard of) with absolutely no prior knowledge. Since the move, hardly anything has been working, several things on the server are misconfigured and I cannot log into their ticket system. It took me over five days just to get the reset password to view my online control panel, access my e-mail and log in to my site via FTP. And since then I've sent several e-mails to notify them about the server issues, all with no response. Ugh. I've had enough and need to move A.S.A.P...

    Enough venting. I'm looking for a good, reliable Ruby on Rails host. I've seen the ones on but which ones are good? And I've seen all the "cheapo" hosting companies like bluehost, site5, and netfirms, but I've heard no many negative things about them that they're not even an option. Besides, I'd rather the host to be solid and reliable and focus on support rather than acquiring hundreds of thousands of customers.

    Ideally, these are the guidelines of what I need in a host:
    - Approx. 1 - 2 GB space
    - Approx. 15 - 20 GB bandwidth
    - Allow no less than 3 domains to be hosted, preferably room for 6 - 8 (I have a few design clients I would like to move over)
    - Approx. 5 e-mail addresses per domain
    - IPs not blacklisted by spam filters
    - CPanel or DirectAdmin, preferrably
    - Ruby/PHP/Perl/CGI
    - 20 or more MySQL databases
    - No setup fee
    - Need to pay by month, NOT yearly, by 6 months, or by 3 months

    My budget? Around $20/month. I don't care if it's a reseller plan or even a small, bare-boned VPS plan, and I'm willing to pay a little extra for quality service and quick, guaranteed support. TIA.

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    I'd suggest

    Contact Bradley. He's very knowledgeable and he offers quality equipment and management.
    Atlanta, GA and Las Vegas, NV. Colocation

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