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    * webhost manager question

    slightly new to this malarky so i hope my questions dont sound too stupid

    im using web host manager to configure severel of my domains but have a few questions regarding quotas and configuration

    as i see it, when you set up a new package, the only way to change that package is to delete the domains that package uses, delete the package and make a new one with the changes... is this right? i see no way of changing the bandwidth quota only the disk space one

    if i have to change a package and delete the domain and add it again will i lose my cpanel settings for my email and setup associated with that domain? or will they be restored when i add it again

    thanks for any advice

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    By the sound of it I am guessing that you are a reseller? I only ask this because if you are using WHM as the server admin then you can edit your packages and the like. Don't delete the domains, because you will lose all your settings, just e-mail your host to edit the package and give them the specs that you want to use.

    There is a way to change everything, but you have to do it from the root account, and by the sound of it you don't have access to it, so just e-mail your host

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