I am Joshua, CEO of Boardnation.com. We have just recently reopened our site and we are better than ever. We have just started hosting free message boards recently and will start paid services shortly. That will most likely occur within the next several days.

Just some features for all of you:
1.) We have 40 gigs of space and 400gb of bw. When we get to the point that we use all of that up, we just add another server on.
2.) NO BANNERS!!! Yes unlike your other free message board hosts, we don't have any banners or popups. To see how we pay for it all, check this http://www.boardnation.com/index.php...ay;threadid=76
3.) Easily customizable
4.) 3 mb of space for your FREE board. Your boards are not calculated upon bw, only space. You receive a lot more for boards that are paid.

To see more... http://www.boardnation.com