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    Using a non-alphanumeric character in FTP password: HOW!?!

    I am in the process of moving sites from an older server (Cobalt RAQ4) to a WHM/cPanel managed server running RHE 3.

    As I was duplicating the FTP accounts on the new server in preparation for the migration, the account creation in cPanel errored out because the password I tried to use included non-alphanumeric characters. (In this case, it was an *).

    Of course, the *easy* thing to do would be to reset the password using acceptable characters. This won't work as there are many automated FTP PC's that daily login on this account to pick up files.....and it has been working so long that NOBODY knows how to get into the remote automation PCs and edit the FTP script to change the password!

    So, all that to there a way to create an FTP account on a RHE 3 server using WHM/cPanel and force it to take a non alphanumeric character in the password?

    Is this a cPanel issue or an RHE3 issue?


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    You should be able to do it by editing the encrypted string for the password directly into the FTP or passwd files!

    If it's an actual real account, you can just use the passwd command from a shell, I'm pretty sure it's a cpanel restriction.

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