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    Innerhost Sucks!

    I've always heard Innerhost was good for Windows hosting. I've been trying to work on a client's site for the past 3 days and I've been having connection problems the entire time. I either can't connect via FTP, it takes 4 mins to upload a tiny ASP script, and the website doesn't even come up sometimes.

    I've ran several traceroutes and each time the problem is with Innerhosts network. For as much money as they charge for hosting and the lack of features that are included with plans, it is a complete rip off.

    Stay away unless you have plenty of time to waste waiting to connect!


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    I found a link about InnerHost:

    Some people have mixed feelings about them. It looks like if you catch them on a good day, they are not that bad.

    However, if you really need help, they are not always there for you.

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