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    Lightbulb Please review my newest site

    Over the last couple of days I put together this site.

    Here is what is on my todo list:
    • Fix up the graphics and maybe even make some of the navigation graphics in flash.
    • Finish the about us, contact us, and terms of service.
    • add a site map
    • Double check the plans and wording on all pages (I'll be getting with my teammates for that)
    • Optimize all pages for search engines.
    • Add more F.A.Q. and support options
    • Finish the HelpDesk
    • Finish the order page and setup the merchant account
    • Test the site with different browsers and resolutions.

    I appreciate everyones feedback on what I have done so far. All suggestions are welcome. Any features you think should be added let me know. I want to keep it simple but don't want to lack features.

    Also, what do you think of the pop-up window with the updates and faq? Should I leave it a pop up window or do you think it would be better to just open a new page for the results?

    Is the layout, colors and graphics ok?

    Thanks everyone!

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    hi there,
    the site looks good, it had the effect of jumping out at me and getting my attention when I first entered.......

    I thought it was well structured and easy to use.......

    the pop ups are good, as the way you have done them allows for easier navigation through the Faq's.......

    the only thing that I felt needs addressing is the background color....for some reason it drew my attention away from the page content......I think a lighter color would work much better.....perhaps even a light grey -> white gradient........

    anyway, its a good effort


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    Hi, good work on your website.

    I think everything looks fine the way it is. As for the pop-ups in the FAQ section, they don't bother me much, but I'd still prefer the information to be integrated onto the main layout.

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    Everyone looks good the way it is. I wouldn't excatly recommend changing anything. Its a very decent and professional like layout.

    Nice work.

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    I like the design. It made me want to browse around more when I saw it.
    The popups in the FAQ section aren't a bad idea. I like that idea better than having a long page with all the questions and answers. I do agree with 21inchguns about the background colors Tt does create a nice effect, but drew too much attention from me.

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