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    cPanel access has stopped working

    About a month ago, something happened with my website. I was no longer able to access cPanel using /cpanel on my URL. ("Not found.")

    It didn't get corrected, but I started using port 2082 and was able to move along with no problems. So I wasn't concerned. (FYI, on the forum of the web host, other people also stated that they were having the same problem.)

    A couple of days ago, port 2082 quit working. ("This page cannot be displayed.")

    The site still works and FTP still works, but I cannot access cPanel (and, as such, cannot get to myPHPadmin and such for my database).

    Any idea why my access to cPanel would fail in this way?


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    They probably need to restart cPanel services and make sure port 2082 is open at the firewall. As for the /cpanel alias it probably was removed from their web servers configuration file (httpd.conf) it just needs to be readded.
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    Yup agreed! Your provider should take care of this for you. If they don't know how, tell them to goto
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