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    good mp3 player?

    Do any of you guys know about the Philips GoGear 6GB mp3 player?

    It seems cheap at $140 for 6GB.

    Do you recommend it or should I go with the name brand iPod?


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    Ipods are on sale at this time,So you might as well go with either one.

    Choose from features

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    I got an email from apple today telling me about the new 1 Gb Ipod suffle, it's cheap at $89 CAD.
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    Zune is getting release soon.. check it out.

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    I really like my ipod nano. It is a very nice size.
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    Ipod, or iRiver, either ones.


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    Nanos aren't bad, but I'm really happy with my Sidekick 3. I spent ~$30 on a 2GB SD Mini, it's like a Nano but one less device to carry around and a lot cheaper.

    I'm not too familiar with that Philips model, IMHO I would either get a non-Apple brand or a legit iPod, I think Nanos are overpriced when capacity is taken into consideration when compared to the standard iPod. Then again perhaps most people don't need 80GB to store their music files, your call.
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