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    Arrow cPanel Clients For Sale - 38 total accounts

    Because of a new job and the inability to service my customers like they should, I need to sell these accounts to a good home. There are a total of 38 paying accounts setup on this server. They all pay via PayPal, and are cPanel w/ Fantastico! customers.

    Here is a cut from WHMAP to show accounts and monies:

    30-Day Records:21($148.82USD)
    90-Day Records:6($221.35USD)
    180-Day Records:1($21.55USD)
    360-Day Records:11($776.77USD)
    Total Records:
    Est. Annual Income 39($3491.11 USD)
    I'll take bids starting today and ending 11/15/2006 at noon PST (7 days). I dont' have a reserve set, but the above numbers should set an example of what this is worth. These are good paying customers that produce (on average) one trouble ticket every 2-3 weeks.

    What I'm selling:

    - The customers, no server or software licenses included.

    What I'm looking for in a buying company (don't even bother if your negative feedback here on WHT preceeds you):

    - Stable company with good feedback on WHT
    - Web-based trouble ticket system that I can test for response time
    - Physical address and phone number found on your company's website (800 number not required)
    - Ability to move the customers to your own server(s) without them feeling any pain

    Payments accepted:

    - No paypal payments are accepted. Certified Check or Money Order only. Delivery on receipt of payment.
    - Would consider possible trades, but monies is the preferred source of payment.

    Feel free to send questions to my PM box. Do not ask questions or place bids in this post. Alternativley, you may send inquiries to [email protected]

    I will post here a decision has been made.

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    A good question posted was - Do you want to sell all of them at the same time or will you split some of them up?

    I'm looking to sell them all at the same time.

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    Couple more questions -

    - I'll accept PayPal payments if buyer pays all fees, and is paid with a verified account.
    - I'll consider $3,500 a buy-it-now price, as I've heard 1 year of income is a very round number to consider when purchasing a web host.
    - I'm not a reseller, these customers were on a single dedicated server with lots of room to spare.
    - The hosting company was created approx 2 years ago, and the domain name and website can be part of the deal - but again, the server, and software (WHM, WHMAP, cPanel, etc.) are not part of the deal.
    - The hosting company has no negative feedback on WHT, but it is rather smallish, so...

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    What is the starting bid on this, cpanelhostsale?

    Ill start off at $500 if there isnt one.
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    We can offer 1200 USD, with verified financials.

    Kind Regards,

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    Do you also manage the client's domain names or are they all self-managing?
    If you manage, the please provide details.

    Regarding nameservers - do all clients use the same set of nameservers and are these nameserver domains included in the sale? Obviously this makes a transfer easier


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    I manage a good portion of the client's domains via enom. From a quick count, I manage 15 or so domains (plus my own private stock of domain names). These can be easily pushed.

    There are two sets of nameservers on the server, both are owned by me, but are not controlled by me (nor are they registered with enom). I registered them through the company I got the server from. My name and company name are set as the owner of the domains, and I'm sure transfer of those domain names is no problem. If those domains are wanted, I have no problem making the necessary arrangements.

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    What's your new signups rate? Similarly, what's your cancellations rate?
    Where do most of your customers come from?

    What do I have to do to take a look at your site? Do you have an NDA or are you happy to send details by PM?


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    Sent you an email so please respond at your earliest convenience.

    OSHS Ltd
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    I need to cancel this sale. I'm having major host issues as we speak and have lost customers due to my host's lack of customer support and inability to pay their bills. I now need to move these customers to a stable server asap and get things stabled down before I can go on with this sale (and before I lose the entire thing). I will re-approach this once things begin to settle down again as I do wish to sell this company.

    You guys don't want to take on a failing company, and thats exactly whats going on. 2.5 years with a host and they stop returning phone calls, emails, trouble tickets for a server outtage.

    I'm sorry guys.

    Mods, please close this topic.

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    do respond when this is open again i may take a look.
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