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    $14.95 VPS Blowout! - 3 Free Months

    - Managed VPS Hosting Technology
    - 15,000 MB Disk Space
    - 250 GB Bandwidth
    - Up to 3 Months Free!
    - FREE Domain Registration
    - Dedicated IP Address
    - Secure Shell (SSH)
    - PHP, Ruby (RoR), Perl, Python, CGI
    - IMAP/POP
    - Unlimited MySQL
    - Blogs, Albums, Forums
    - Spam Protection
    - E-commerce Enabled (Shopping Cart, SSL)
    - Site Builder
    - Search Engine Tools
    - Website Statistics
    - $50 Yahoo Search Marketing Credit
    - $25 Google Adwords Credit
    - REAL 24/7 Support
    - 99.9% Uptime
    - And more

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    do you provide root access?

    any test site?
    on your site, you mention about eAccelerator that need PHP to be compiled as module, what if I want PHP as CGI


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    What control panel do you offer?

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    Hi Webhost,

    Could you please clarify if this is an exclusive VPS server for each customer, or this is a shared hosting?

    Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooo, don't touch this!

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    I don't quite see how a VPS could be limited to 100 websites, so this is probably a reseller account.
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    If I remember correctly, westhost has been asked about their "VPS" accounts before, and have indicated that you don't get root on their systems. They seem to think that this isn't a big deal, and that you can do just about anything without actually being root. I guess it all boils down to how you define a "VPS". Some people think it means being root on your own tiny virtual server. Others don't. Some people think that a VPS should allow you to put as many sites as you have disk space for, or put your own web server apps in, while others may not be interested in such capabilities, and may just want a good, reliable control panel.

    If you do a search on "westhost" and "root", you can probably find the exact words that they used to describe the situation in their previous posting.

    Aha. Googling found this, which might be illuminating:

    And further searching found what westhost previously said here:
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    IMO it's a glorified reseller account, which they sell as a VPS, thinking most people won't know the difference.

    I can't honestly see how you could have your own clients, and say 5 resellers with their own clients with a 100 websites limit.

    I also can't quite see how you would run a VPS without root access.
    How do you create resellers?
    How do you install / upgrade software ?
    how do you debug the system?
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    It looks like the correct terms would be...Semi VPS...

    A quote taken from their site...

    What may be even more appealing is that with VPS web hosting, you have nearly full control over the most common areas of a website/server.

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    Thanks for the inquiries. We have a custom control panel that works specifically with our VPS hosting platform which we've been offering for well over 3 years now. Hopefully an excerpt from one of our earlier posts will clear up some things:


    Although we've been offering our VPS hosting for over 3 years now, the increase in popularity for technologies like Xen and from companies like Swsoft (with Virtuozzo) have caused consumers to create their own interpretations (over time) of what a VPS is and isn't, regardless of what other technologies are out there. Most commonly noticed is the separation of the definition for a VPS and the definition for virtualization.

    This has obviously made it more difficult to explain our technology to those that come with their own interpretation, but it doesn't change the fact that we still offer virtual private servers.

    What our Virtual Private Servers give you:
    - Your own isolated and secure environment
    - Full control of the web server configuration (Apache)
    - Full control over PHP, mod_perl, and other server-side technologies and modules
    - Full control of the e-mail server (Sendmail) configuration.
    - Full control of MySQL configuration
    - Ability to install your own applications (want the newest version of PHP, MySQL, etc., install it). Don't know how, ask and we'll do it for you.
    - Your own users, processes, and files
    - Your own IP address

    What makes our Virtual Private Servers a little different from some others:
    - Full root access is not available, but a majority of the files within a VPS are accessible to the user. Permissions on some root owned files can be changed on an case by case basis. We retain a level of administration so that server management isn't required (i.e. "managed VPS"). For those that want the benefits above, but still like to know that we will make security patches and software updates, and appreciate the auto-installed applications and features, this configuration is great.

    - Although we don't guarantee CPU and RAM on our $3.95 VPS plan, we do manage our resources effectively and provide a high quality of availability and service. At that price, you simply couldn't get any reasonable percentage of the server guaranteed, so it makes more sense to manage usage rather than restrict, allowing utilization as needed.

    The bottom line is that you are getting a tremendous amount of control, access, and a completely different platform than you'd see with a traditional shared hosting account, yet at the same time, our pricing and value kills that of other virtual private server technologies offering a lot of the same capabilities. Ours may not be common, but it certainly meets and exceeds the needs of most. Our recommendation is to try it out, as we have 30-day money back guarantee.

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    YOu allow proxies?

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    24 months in advance to avail this offer?

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