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    Arrow [For Hire] phpLD coder

    I can code for phpLD versions 2.0, 2.1 and 3.06. My price range is 50 to 60 USD, depending on how long it will take for me to slice the PSD file. I wont charge anything more than 60 USD, thats a promise Once I start working on your template, you'll have it delivered in within 6 to 8 hours

    Here are examples of four templates which I recently finished working on: [v3.06, coded] [v.3.06, designed and code] [Please note: The design would have looked much more better if it had more categories and if the sub cats were displayed] [v2.0, designed and coded. Thats my personal directory which I have just started working on] [v2.0 coded]

    For this price, I'll install 2 mods of your choice, absoultely FREE

    You can mail me at prince_of_nights [at the rate of] hotmail [dot] com. And please dont forget to mention what your username is over here at WHT

    -- Naif
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