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    Domain Registar being the same as your Web Hosting Company

    I have read in a few post were people suggest that you do not use the same company for hosting and to handle your domain (domain registar). But I have never see an explanation why not to. To me is seems an advantage just so that I don't have to many addition accounts at additional companies. Can anyone tell me why I shouldn't use the same company?

    I am moving mulitple site from shared hosting packages to a VPS (and switching companies in doing so) so I am at an ideal time to make the decsision of how will control my domains.

    Thanks for any feed back.

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    1) if there is any billing dispute the hosting company can hold your domain hostage
    2) often hosting companies will offer a deal for a "free" domain if you get their hosting - in these cases the hosting company may register the domain in their name not in yours. When you stop hosting with them you may find that you do not own the domain.
    3) always register your domains yourself and don't let anyone else (incl. your hosting company do it for you). It's the only way to ensure that they are in your name and under your control
    4) It's OK to register at your hosting company if you treat it as a completely separate transaction from hosting. Most hosts are resellers for registrars and are legit but as a reseller they will have access to modify your account and ownership details.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jherzog
    But I have never see an explanation why not to.
    Don't put all your eggs in one basket.
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    Techno's answer just about covers it. We see many outcry's for help here when people try to move webhosts when the previous webhost is in control of the domain registration. It's really an insurance policy against being held hostage by unscrupulous webhosts. Don't get me wrong. Sometimes the webhosts have a genuine grievance. Sometimes its the customer which is unscrupulous. The webhost give them a free/discounted domain registration and then the customer want's to move webhosts after a couple of months
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    I think autopilot has its own unique system to help someone with it, but usally because you dont own the somain anymore.

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