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    What type of hosting I need?

    Please tell me what type of hosting I need for 2 web pages described below. It is for a (small) local cable TV station. We will choose one type of web page at the end, based on our budged.

    1. I would like to live stream video trough web page of some talk show on local cable TV. Live stream would be used round 10 times a month for 2 hours. So what hosting or server and price?

    2. I would like to play video on demand on a web page of some talk show on local cable TV. (like on, but website would contain round 20 video files at a time). So what hosting or server and price?

    Please fell free to give me some advice.

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    If you expect large amounts of traffic you may need to look at a dedicated server or VPS. When looking at providers ask about streaming and video on demand.

    Do you have any idea of how many visitors? How large are the video files?

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    For live streaming you'll need a some kind of media server, depending of the format that you would like to use, as example, Windows Media Server, Darwing (For quicktime), or Real Server (for real audio/video).

    I suggest to take a look to big players like Verio or Hostway, I can't recommend their services, because I never used them, however, I'm almost sure that both does offer Live broadcast services (if I'm not wrong, both does offer Windows Media Server, and Hostway does offer also Real Server), you may want to contact to their sales department however, about it.

    Best of luck on this!
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    If you are going to do live streaming, you will probably be doing transcoding, which in reality means dedicated server. Even then, you will be using a lot of bandwidth. Make sure you work with a provider that can help develop the solution WITH you, not FOR you.

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