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    Im looking for a new Server, now im at theplanet

    Hello - I need a new server, be cause the server where im now is getting old and i need more bandwidth.

    QTY Hardware Component
    1 Dell \ 1600SC Dual Xeon MB \ DAT54AMB8C2
    2 Intel \ 2.8 GHz 533FSB \ P4 Xeon
    4 Generic \ 512 MB \ DDR 266 ECC Reg
    1 Unknown \ Onboard \ SCSI
    1 Fujitsu \ 73GBCSI:Ultra320 TotalControl \ map3735n*
    1 Dell \ DRAC \ III
    bandwidth 2500GB

    Im interested in a new server with maybe dual core processor, unmetered bandwidth I dont want to think about extra bandwidth costs, also be cause I now use about 2000GB bandwidth and Im thinking about a new site with downloads, also 2GB ram, min160GB harddisc, Linux, mysql.

    Also when I want more ram or other I dont want to pay per month, I want to pay one time amount witch is also most fear and the company must be flexible.

    Also I dont pay more then 200$ a month.

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    one offer by is present in offers section ... check it out ...
    you may get exactly what you want

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    Does location matter to you?
    UNetLab Network Simulator Hosting
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    it must be in the US

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    Check out, they have a few offers that are similar to your needs. Also, check out the dedicated offers forum, you may find something there.
    Good luck on your search,

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    Hey man dont go for unmetered! I dont think unmetered is a good thing!

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    quote=mehboobashraf]Hey man dont go for unmetered! I dont think unmetered is a good thing![/quote]

    all depends the hosting company, i have various unmetered servers 100mbits, and i have 100mbits upload and 100mbits download all time

    also i have a metered server with 1gbit line and don't have more than 200mbits down and 50mbits up

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