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    I have been using to do all my backups for about a year now and they are great. There prices are great and the speeds are awesome. Never had any problems and scott is always there is hell.

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    I'm with them too, my backup is on their brand new server Scott has been helpful. Top notch.

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    Bqbackup is the best indeed

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    ah it's nice to see more bq threads.

    Got our very first 1tb account around a year ago now, All the accounts we have from BQ have been setup very quickly and support is great to.

    I remember when the first 1tb account was full and instead of spending time wanting to remove specific things I decided just to `rm` the lot and well BQ was there to do it. However since it would have taken awhile he even setup another account to use while that deleted.

    As for speed at that time specfically since all had to reupdate we were pushing around 70mbit back to bq without any problem for virtuallly the entire day.

    Huge thumbs up for BQ.

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