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    * Tell us about the web hosts you LIKE!

    Hi Folks. After having read a LOT of negative stuff on here about web hosts you DESPISE, I thought I'd try and start a thread about hosts you actually LIKE.

    How about it? Tell us all about your GOOD experiences with hosts that have really gone above and beyond for you - or just hosts you have come to trust. Tell us WHY you like them and what they've done for you that convinced you they were first class.

    Please include the url of the website you have hosted with them so that we can cut down on the company promo spam, ok?

    I look forward to hearing from you!

    All the best,

    Fat Cow Web Hosting

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    After starting out a reseller for communitech and I quickly learned what a bad host was. So before I moved my business and my clients over I did alot of research, mostly by coming here.

    I received a reseller account @ and had the most professional service one could imagine. Once my business grew I got a dedicated server with , another good reliable company.

    I would recommend either of them to anyone. Their prices may not be the cheapest in the industry, but anyone who things they are going to get 5GB of transfer for $5/month is going to be switching from host to host often.

    You get what you pay for!

    Good luck,

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    I started with Donhost, and although they get a flaming on here they have been pretty good, uptime is excellent and support is fast. They have also just changed their policy on closing accounts so the only problem i had with them has been removed.

    Then i got another account with <<Gee, censored for a reason?>> (tey are banned on here) /
    Things started out ok, they were a reseller themselves and things were ok, however they themn moved to a server and itsd had a hell of a lot of downtime (all over this weekend)

    Then i got a 3rd account with they have been excellent, account was up and runnign quickly, tech support is good and fast and we have had no downtime as of yet.
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    I've had the best experience with Alex and Kevin over at Out of all the hosts I have had in the last few years they are hands-down the best. All of the support tickets I've had to open have been handled in less than 24 hours if not in minutes. All of my pre-sales questions were answered very fast and Alex didn't seem mind at all that I asked so many questions before I signed up. Any time the server that I'm on hick-ups (which is very rare) I know that I can go take a look at their forum and get an honest answer as to what's going on. I host with them right now, not much of a site yet though.


    [edit]Fixed the url :/[/url]

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    Originally posted by Zach
    .....but anyone who things they are going to get 5GB of transfer for 5GB/month is going to be switching from host to host often.

    You get what you pay for!

    5GB for 5GB???

    How does this calculate?

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    I fixed it I fixed it.

    No good luck for you!


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    Thumbs up DELPHICOMP.COM

    I signed up with a loooong time ago and the service was/is so good I never cancelled my account. I pay 30$ for 500MB/30GB.

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    Thanks for the compliment robert. I enjoy hearing positive things from customers.

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    I currently host my site and my clients' sites on a “virtual server” from and am very pleased. Emails are answered quickly, thoroughly, and pleasantly. My stress level has decreased dramatically since I don't have to worry about downtime much anymore and I don't have to constantly check and make sure my server is up. Current uptime on the server is reported as 39 days, but I have had my server longer than that and don't have any recorded downtime from network monitors (,, etc) so it must have just been a quick reboot. From my experience, I have nothing but positive things to say about them.

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    This is great, guys! Keep it coming.

    WOW is it nice to hear something POSITIVE for a change.

    -- Jodi
    Fat Cow Web Hosting

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    2,508 - It has been my pleasure to be hosted with them, their uptime is great, technical support the best i have ever seen. On top of that their prices are resonable. However i currently do not host with them, because i finally got a dedicated server. Heck even when i cancelled my account they were great, they offered to help me move my site over to the new server. Great people!
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    Thumbs up

    I'm very happy with DownTownHost . Really pleased with their customer service. It's EXCELLENT. The service is also very reliable. That's a good combination in my book.

    I've also considered HostCulture . The guys there answer your questions asap.

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    Tom's support makes my hosting at extremely worth it. He's very quick to reply to emails, and recently, he dug out of his own pocket to get a new server. Thumbs up for Tom and cityhosts! It doesn't hurt that it's a good price too

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    I have used 4 web hosts.

    First, was ICOM about 3 years ago. I never had any problems with them, and the only reason I left is because I needed more space and bandwidth. Now, as it would appear by going to their website, their customer base was bought by another company. I was with ICOM for about a year.

    Second, was OLM. They were GREAT! VERY excellent support and service, and NO downtime that I know of in the 2 years I was with them (still am, just haven't cancelled my accounts since I am too lazy to transfer all my stuff just yet). I HIGHLY recommend them, even though some would consider them a little pricey.

    Third, was Netacore. I had a horrible time with them. HOWEVER, the time that I signed up was at a time that the server I was on was already having problems. When my site WAS up, it was very fast. Technical support was also quick in answering tickets, except when the server problem was happening. All feedback I had read was positive, which is why I signed up in the first place. Unfortunately, it didn't work the way I hoped it would.

    Fourth, after doing some research, I found that I could save money each month by just getting a reseller account and putting all 10 of my domains on it. I decided to go with MCHost, who has thusfar given me NO problems. There was a CPanel license thing the other day, but I was notified of it, and therefore I don't count it was bad service. Last night there was Apache upgrades, which I also do not count as bad service, because it both makes my site more secure AND I was notified of it.

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    I've been hosting w/ for 2 years. They are on top of everything and there service has never changed (they only get better!). Tech support is top notch, prices are reasonable and they are willing to install scripts for you.

    Another host that I'm very pleased with is They always answer my support question with in mintues of sending them. Now they offer a 7 day trial no questions asked and you don't have to give them your Credit Card information for the trial.

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