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    Smile review

    what do you think about AusHostingNow?
    is the colour scheme any good?
    is it easy to navigate?
    would you look through the pages?
    does it load fast?
    how do you find the ordernow page?
    does it load quickly?
    where is there improvements?

    Thanks to many people here who give me a hardcore review. *so to speak.

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    That web site looks horrible. Start over.

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    Could thoughts:

    - When I hover over the menu items, the text turns black. On a black background, this makes it invisible.

    - I'm not seeing the relevance of the orange. Your visuals are not consistent with your words. Maybe if you were called "Orange Webhosting", I could see it. Or if you had a motto that was related to fruit ("Come unpeel our deals!"...ok, DON'T use that ).

    - There's too much empty space on the front page when the user initially visits it and hasn't scrolled. You need some more information there.

    - Your hosting packages section needs more detail. Do you support MySQL or PostGres? How many DB's do I get? What about Ruby?

    I don't think the design is that just seems like a first draft and needs some revision. Good luck with your site

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    Design is ok. One question: What are the oranges supposed to represent?
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    nice site i give it a 8

    great site good content, Iit was very easy to navaigate and everything loaded fast

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    Quite honestly, I am not very fond of the design at all. For some reason it reminds me of a generic, open source template that wasn't customized very well at all. The text areas (ex: Cpanel Control) has nothing to do with is surrounding text (ex: The Worlds Best Hosting Company -- this is saying that any host that has cPanel is the world's best hosting company... not true). Along with that, some of the images do not flow/make sense with the websites content. For example, the orange (as mentioned before) as well as the three icons under the navigation.

    My advice to you is to invest into a professional design by a freelancer or a website design firm. They normally have a pretty good idea as to what should go where, what should say what, etc. A website design is key when it comes to attracting new clients. From a consumer point of view, your website doesn't seem to attractive to me.

    That's my $00.2 .

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    Design is slightly un-original, especially the navigation. The banner is very plain, the banner under it is very grainy.

    Apart from that, it is all right.


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    design is unoriginal, you tried it look professional but instead it doesnt look that way at all.

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    Site design is not too bad. It looks okay to me.
    I would like to suggest you to add following attribute in your Body tag

    leftmargin="0" topmargin="0" marginwidth="0" marginheight="0"
    BTW, I don't understand this question of your KB - Its my birthday
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    what do you think about AusHostingNow? Uneven look and feel between the several partner pages , forums etc. and main page
    is the colour scheme any good? Not my favourite, not sure exactly which part I dont like
    is it easy to navigate? o.k
    would you look through the pages? I did, but not sure if I would as a customer, probably not
    does it load fast? fast enough
    how do you find the ordernow page? buttons are placed correctly
    does it load quickly? why twice the same question ?
    where is there improvements? Why the "start over" button under the "next" button ?
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    Hey Mate,

    Try putting a background behind it, cause the table their sorta looks odd to me Overal I like the design mate!


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    wow, thanks very much for the feedback everyone. Is someone here available to offer a background and banner for my site?

    **hate asking for free things..

    any takers thanks.

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