First off hello all.
Secondly whoever decided that you cant use smilies till 5posts, i hate you ;p I just wrote a huge post and its gone as i clicked submit but it refused as i used a few smilies.

Anyway, i am currently in the process of setting up a hosting company. Nothing big right now, plan to start off with a single server or so and upgrade as and when i need to, but will ask for help\advice if and when i need it.

I have the essentials (Apache, MySQL, PHP, phpMyAdmin(not yet installed)(have i missed anything?)) but need to know what else i am going to need.

In terms of the panal i am testing plesk tonight, have used it as an end user and think it is easy to use (thinking of others here). I know i need a payment system and helpdesk but have no idea what to use.

So do you fancy helping me build up an excellent set off hosting tools that will work well together? i know you do lol.

Sorry for the vageness, but im at work and after writing a huge post then losing it, i am less inclined to wright it all again lol.
All help and suggestions will be greatly appreciated.