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    * Save Up To 50% Off Shared/Reseller! cPanel, Fantastico, Site Builder - $4.95 Domains!

    Hello Web Hosting Talk members:

    Let me first start off by thanking you for looking at this advertisement. We appreciate you taking your time to shop with us. In our efforts to maintain an honest web hosting environment, it is important that we let you know exactly who we are before we attempt to sell to you. This is why all of our Forums advertisements and our home page include a brief overview of our company's history.

    About Warp-Factor:

    Warp-Factor Technologies, formerly The Website Wizard, has been serving webmasters, designers, and business owners since December, 2000. It is our belief that with outstanding customer support and a great sense of security, that we can adequately provide our clients with the tools they need to propel their business to success. Warp-Factor has a long history of solving tough problems. Our experience allows us to provide top-notch customer support in an incredibly quick and efficient manner. Our one-on-one approach ensures that you will be speaking to a real person each time you have a query. Warp-Factor was founded in a time when honor was still abound in the hosting industry. Regrettably, many of the truly respectable webhosts have left, only to be replaced by new hit-and-run companies that last for 6 months or less. Fortunately, a small number of the truly exceptional companies of the past still exist today - one of which is Warp-Factor Technologies. Our commitment to excellent service and quality support has proven Warp-Factor to be an industry leader.

    On December 29, 2005, Warp-Factor Technologies proudly celebrated five years in business. It is with this experience that we confidently sell our services to customers in over 35 countries worldwide.

    Our Guarantees:

    Warp-Factor Technologies maintains three guarantees to ensure that you receive the best web hosting service possible. Unlike many other providers, Warp-Factor Technologies backs their guarantees with monetary rebates/service credits!

    Guarantee 1: 24-Hour Support Response Guarantee -- If we don't respond to your ticket within 24 hours, Warp-Factor Technologies will apply a $1.00 credit to your billing account. You may receive up to $1.00 in credits for each ticket which is overdue, up to a maximum of your monthly web hosting service fee.

    Guarantee 2: 99% Uptime Guarantee -- If our servers are offline for more than 1% of the time in a monthly period, Warp-Factor Technologies will apply a credit to your billing account according to the amount of server downtime experienced. Warp-Factor Technologies consistently experiences 100% monthly uptime!

    Guarantee 3: 14-Day Money-Back Guarantee -- Not happy with services provided by Warp-Factor Technologies? Don't worry, we'll refund your money within 14 days of initial payment!

    Our Hardware/Network:

    Warp-Factor Technologies utilizes the best in server hardware and network backbone available. Warp-Factor Technologies servers are a minimum Intel Pentium 4 3.0 GHz HTT or Dual Core with 2GB of DDR Ram. Warp-Factor Technologies also utilizes powerful Intel Dual Xeon servers, each with a minimum of 2GB of ECC DDR Ram.

    All Warp-Factor servers are based on high-quality SAVVIS connections. To those customers who require a west-coast location, space is also available within the California Point-of-Presence datacenter in downtown Los Angeles, CA. All servers utilize a 100MBPS internet connection for maximum speed and performance.

    Standard Features:

    The following are a few key features provided with Warp-Factor Technologies' shared web hosting service:

    * my.Warp-Factor cPanel interface
    * cPanel Control Panel w/ PRO
    * WHM for Resellers
    * Fantastico DeLuxe Autoinstaller
    * RV Skins
    * RV Site Builder
    * Toll-Free Support - (800) 718-9277
    * PHP 5 is Now Available! ($10.00 one-time fee ... see below dicsount code to get discount)
    * & Much More!

    The Offer:

    As a special exclusively for Web Hosting Talk users, Warp-Factor Technologies is offering 50% off any shared hosting order. Simply use the discount code snov06 to receive your discount. This coupon is entered during the order process.

    Additionally, you may also choose to take $5.00 off your Reseller web hosting order. Use discount code rnov06 to receive this discount.

    Both codes apply to orders which contain hosting AND domains, or orders which contain only hosting service. With these discounted first month rates, you will be able to test out the reliability of Warp-Factor Technologies for very little.

    The above coupon codes will also entitle you to receive the discount amount on the PHP 5 one-time set-up fee of $10.00! On shared hosting orders, it would be just $5.00!

    To view Shared hosting plans, Click Here.
    To view Reseller hosting plans, Click Here.

    Other Notable Deals:

    For a limited time, .COM domain names are only $4.95 with the purchase of a web hosting plan. Bundle this offer with our $15.00 per year "Budget" shared plan and receive all-inclusive web hosting and domain service for just $19.95/year! You won't get better service for that price anywhere else ... or better service anywhere else for any price!

    Want to learn more about Warp-Factor Technologies, its products or services? You may visit us online at We look forward to seeing you there!

    Contact Us:

    You may contact Warp-Factor Technologies by any of the following methods:

    E-Mail/Ticket: [email protected]
    AIM: iiwebwizardii
    MSN: [email protected]
    International Phone: +1 (352) 226-2142 - 9AM-9PM EST
    Toll-Free Phone: +1 (800) 718-9277 ext. 1 (sales) - 9AM-9PM EST

    Thank You:

    Thank You, once again for your time and consideration of Warp-Factor Technologies web hosting services. We appreciate you and look forward to providing you with excellent-quality Warp-Factor Technologies web hosting services in the future! -- November 2006 WHT Offer - Shared/Reseller

    John Morris
    Warp-Factor Technologies - Shared, Reseller, VPS & Dedicated Hosting
    E-Mail: john[AT] AIM: iiwebwizardii

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    hi there

    Dear John,

    Please check your emails as I have requested a refund within 1 hour of ordering your hosting and trying very hard to login due to a oversight on your techs part.


    Guarantee 3: 14-Day Money-Back Guarantee -- Not happy with services provided by Warp-Factor Technologies? Don't worry, we'll refund your money within 14 days of initial payment!

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    Your request for refund was received and our staff will handle it accordingly. Yes, our setup technicians did have a small oversight where they mistyped your requested username. This was corrected promptly and in a courteous manner.

    Our techs found it "very hard" to address your matter due to the opening of multiple tickets for the issue and your initial refusal to provide the information we needed to address the problem. Our responses were prompt, averaging less than 10 minutes. Therefore, your insinuation that we "check our e-mails" is invalid, as we check our customer tickets 24 hours a day, 7 days per week. Our staff promptly addressed your matter. Yes, we added an "s" by accident onto the end of your username. We are so terribly sorry that you found this as a reason for cancellation.

    Regardless, your refund will be processed within 7 days by our accounts department. Thank You for your time with us and we wish you the best of luck elsewhere.

    Support Ticket Opened: 10:52 AM EST
    Time to First Response: 11:02 AM EST, 10 minutes
    Ticket Resolved/Closed: 11:47 AM EST, 55 minutes (much of the wait was due to your refusal to provide the requested information)

    I don't think that many customers would find a mistyped username as a need for immediate cancellation. Perhaps I am wrong. Thank You.

    And by the way, we DO honor our guarantees.
    John Morris
    Warp-Factor Technologies - Shared, Reseller, VPS & Dedicated Hosting
    E-Mail: john[AT] AIM: iiwebwizardii

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