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    * Valueweb charging $15 for a reboot!!

    I signed up with Valueweb to get a server just doing some personal stuff

    a few days ago the server was down so i rang their support and requested a reboot

    today i check my CC statement and found i got charged $15 for a REboot!!!!


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    Thread moved to Dedicated Server Forum.

    I've seen no mention of the $155 reboot fee on their site. Maybe you can try and dispute it with them on these grounds?

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    I have reading their website and i see this:

    Value Support Provided by Request
    Server Reboots
    ValueWeb will provide server reboots free of charge to all dedicated server customers when requested by either phone or email. Power cycling the machine may be required. In certain instances we may require your password for file system checks.
    But also says this:
    A La Carte Support

    Not everybody needs frequent support from a hosting company:

    15$ per incident

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    If the server went down, then they should provide reboot FOC.

    If the reboot was to update any configurations, then it would be chargeable under the above conditions.

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