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    How do I create a Hyperlink and also copy a photo into Jpeg ?


    I have a Logo that I wish to link to my website, can you please tell me how this is done ?

    Also, I have a website with photos on it that I want to copy onto another another website. I can copy and paste into word, but the website receiving the photos insists on formats other than word. Can I "save as " or " cut and paste " onto a system outside word ?

    Please <edit>answer quickly</edit> if you can help as it is urgent

    Many thanks - JB
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    <a href=""><img src="path to image+name" alt="some description here"></a>
    If you have the photos you can simply login via ftp, download them to your local computer and upload / send them to the person.
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    JB, you might ask the mods to delete your email address on the forum - it's not a great idea because spam bots will pick up your email address on forums.

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