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    * Greedy google: adword prices skyrocket over night! :S

    I use adwords a LOT. I spend a few hundred a day on average with adwords for different sites. Recently some of my ad campaigns that had cost just .03 ~ .05 cents per click have shot up to over .50 cents per click. And even more recently all the new keywords that previously I had spent literally pennies are requiring a 10.00 per CLICK minimum... These are not competative terms even... maybe a few hundred people searching a month.

    It's amazing to me. I dont know, is anyone else experiancing this?! or I'm hoping something is wrong with my account...

    I contacted google trying to see what's up. I hope this wont continue or I'll need to change a lot to find a new way to advertise.

    I know the hosting keywords (FYI: hard to make $ for hosting on adwords) are crazy expensive, but now keywords that are totally random keywords are having starting bids of $1.00, $5.00, and even $10.00 per click, not even super qualified customers... simple clicks.

    Had to vent of some steam
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    What keywords? And I thought the prices indicate the max, not the minimum?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Acroplex
    What keywords? And I thought the prices indicate the max, not the minimum?
    With me I have to put a certain price in for the search pages, i usually do them and don't allow my adverts on different websites to help stop click fraud (etc).
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