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    Applications like RVSKin (Need a substitution)

    I'm wondering if anyone has experience with a cpanel add-on type skin like RVSkin. I'd love to know what other options I have as I'm not happy with the functionality and visuals of RVSkin any longer - in fact, I'm quite sick of the entire thing.

    I cannot stop using CPanel, so it will need to work with Cpanel 10. CPanel XP, by the way, does not seem to be a viable option as I've tried to reach their support three times (never responded), and I need something that's updated on a regular basis.

    Thank you,

    Brian Hornung
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    Why not submit a feature request to the rvskin developers and ask them to fix or add the functionality that you desire? Also ask them to modify their skins, etc...

    (Also, I know they're working on a template system, so you'll eventually be able to skin the rvskin theme yourself.)
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